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Pet Companion


Welcome to Pet Companion!
Located in Hendersonville, North Carolina
Serving Hendersonville and surrounding areas.

Pet Companion is a professional pet sitting service. We offer in home pet care for your pets while you are away. Services include dog walking, litter box and other pet areas cleaned, mid-day walks and play time, pet taxi service for veterinary or grooming appointments, and general house sitting tasks. Pet Companion provides love and affection for your pets that is needed while you are gone, creating a much more comfortable experience than being placed in a noisy boarding environment.

About me:
I am the sole proprietor of Pet Companion. As long as I can remember I have been surrounded by animals. I have a passion and fascination for any and all animals, and have personally bottle-raised and cared for an abandoned baby squirrel . I currently have living with me six cats, a dog, a rescued chipmunk, and my squirrel still visits me almost every day. I love observing the wildlife around me, and view animals as extraordinary creatures who often don't get enough credit for their place in this world.

About Pet Companion:
As a pet owner, I'm sure you share this view of animals, and can understand why it is important to take care of them the best way possible when you can't be there for them. Animals are creatures of habit, and are happiest in a routine, and in their own environment. This is where Pet Companion steps in. I can spend as much time as you like with your pets at your request, in order to keep them entertained and happy. Visits are normally 30 to 45 minutes, based on the number of pets and the time needed to best care for each of them. Visits can be up to three times a day, or overnight upon request. See our price list for more details.

Pet Companion is located in downtown Hendersonville, NC, and serves surrounding areas within a 10 mile radius. We strive to keep within this area in order to keep prices at a minimum, and to be able to provide more flexibility in scheduling.

Pet Companion is a member of NAPPS, and is bonded & insured.

This is Gracie, one of my satisfied customers!
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Pet Companion: Professional Pet Sitting Service of Hendersonville NC